Assalamualaikum w.w.

Good morning everyone…

How is your life today?

Hopefully we all always healthy and happy.. Aamiin

Let’s turn to learn and study together more about about “Descriptive Text”.

please watch this video


We can get more information about this lesson from books or the other sources


Based on the texts at the video, please, find out and write the adjectives!

(Berdasarkan bacaan-bacaan yang ada di video tersebut, silahkan cari dan tuliskan kata-kata sifatnya!)

  1. Taylor Swift : popular, …., …., ….. etc
  2. Bali Island : famous, …., …., ….. etc
  3. My cat : white and grey, …., …., ….. etc
  4. My laptop : happy, …., …., ….. etc

Write at your book and then submit it personal to my “Whatsapp”  

Thank you, and have a nice day….

Hopefully we always happy and healthy…

see you…


Mr. Heru

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